What’s New in LCN: a blog about the latest features and different services available on the app

by Marzia Parmigiani
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What’s New in LCN: a blog about the latest features and different services available on the app. The LCN App is straightforward to use, as well as friendly. It has all the services you need and can be customized to the most important features to you, which lets you browse local businesses, get GPS directions, find reviews, and even reserve a spa or therapy session.

The app uses your current geographic location information to find nearby businesses and displays them on a map. Moreover, LCN also lets you browse companies using categories, like “make-up” or “spa,” and enables you to search for specific businesses by name.

Also, It has fun features like getting GPS navigation directions to the service provider of you choosing, displaying reviews, and reserving a spot with any nearby registered business.

Besides, it lets you keep track of how popular a business is and find the best time to visit.

The app makes it easy to discover new places and services. 

And when you open the app, you instantly see a list of nearby services based on your current geographic location.

At a glance, you can see what’s around you and tap a button instantly to call a service provider or schedule a haircut appointment or find a freelancer and shop or spa.

LCN has continuously been improving its services. Recently we have added many new features.

Locate Nearby services

Locate Nearby is a new feature added to LCN. It helps to find nearby services easily.

The new locate nearby services function gives you all the information you need right at your fingertips. 

Just tap “Locate Nearby Services,” and it will show a list of nearby services.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, tap “More” to see a detailed description of the service, directions to get to them, and reviews from other app users.

Moreover, the feature also includes the ability to track your latest location to find services in your current area.The search result will be displayed by distance, rating, and interest with these parameters:

  • Distance
  • Location
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Keywords
  • Availability
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Customer Review
  • Other
  • Interest
  • Ranking

Furthermore, we also have a new freelance feature, so you can quickly and easily list your freelance skills so customers can find and hire you. For example, if you are a freelance artist, you may not want to waste time looking through listings that have nothing to do with your skill. You can create your filter to define what types of services you’re interested in.

Then, The LCN App will focus only on matching you with jobs that fit those criteria.

Also, we’ve added new tabs to make the app more customizable to you so you can make it your own.

What’s New in LCN: list freelance services

In other words, LCN provides a platform to list your freelance skills to get more customers. You can also list your freelance talent in your “Profile.”

So, freelancers can list their freelance skills in their “Profile.”The skill description will show in the “More” section. LCN allows freelancers and employers to post their projects and hire freelancers easily. LCN provides an excellent platform for online freelance jobs. With LCN, it is easy to get freelance jobs. 

The app provides different features for freelancers and employers. Employers can post their services, and freelancers can find jobs easily. The app offers various features for freelancers. They can set their pricing, utilize the LCN B2C communication features, set their availability for work, get payments, and much more.

The app provides various features. They can set their project’s requirements, communicate with freelancers, set their project completion time, get payments, and much more.

Easy and Friendly Technology

LCN technology has been improved for easy and friendly use.


Quickly locate nearby services on the app via LOCATE. Now, tap the LOCATE button, and get the list of nearby services.


Easily customize favorite services, services category, services types, and more. Plus, you can also delete or rename your favorite services.


Browse services from different sections like Services, Offers, Deals, and News.


Filter your services by services type, services category, services types, like spa, housekeeping, services, fitness, tutors, products, therapy, etc.


Browse offers from the categories like Services, Offers, Deals, and News.


Easily browse your settings from the categories

What’s New in LCN: how it works?

Clicking the app icon brings up a home screen. The left column shows the latest updates from popular services. These are designed to help you locate services and customers. Scrolling down, you find a list of valuable services. Finally, on the right, you see a list of freelancers and projects.

The bottom toolbar is a row of icons. You see three handy utilities in the top row: a menu, a search box, and a Places button. 

The menu lets you review and update your profile, change your password, and view billing information. Then, the search box, of course, enables you to locate services by address or category. Furthermore, the Places button, on the other hand, lets you find services by location. Below the toolbar, you see a row of icons for popular services: Places, Messages, and People.

Across the top of the screen, you see a scrollable list of recent projects. Below that, you see a scrollable list of current freelancers. Finally, below that, you see a scrollable list of recent messages from customers or freelancers.

At the end, we try hard to make the app fun to use. And the feedback we get from you, our users, is the best indicator of what we should be doing. So, please tell us what you think, and we work very hard to get it fixed.

Try the app. We think you will like it!!!

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