Sardinia’s 14 most beautiful beaches in Italy

by Marzia Parmigiani
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In summer, the urge to relax kicks in and perhaps you dream of visiting some exotic place to recharge your batteries in a big way. You may have never thought of Italy for a beach vacation, but this country offers scenery that is nothing like the Caribbean or Hawaii!

The island of Sardinia is renowned for its breathtaking coastline and crystal clear waters. With more than 1,200 km of coastline, it is not easy to find your way around when choosing the most beautiful beaches where to spend your vacation. In this ranking, you will find the top beaches in Sardinia, perfect for a vacation full of unique views and unspoiled sea.

“Strolling across the sandy dunes of Sardinia, accompanied by the azure expanse of the ocean ahead and the aromatic essence of the Mediterranean flora encompassing, is an enchanting encounter that imbues the spirit with sheer delight”.

Elina Sindoni Italian Travel Blogger

So let’s discover together: Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches in Italy

La Pelosa in Stintino

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, La Pelosa is located in the town of Stintino, in the northwest of Sardinia. Famous for its fine, white sand and emerald-hued sea, it is a popular destination for tourists. To preserve the natural environment, access is restricted. Also worth seeing are the 16th-century Pelosa tower and the small 17th-century church.

Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches in Italy: Cala Goloritzé

Among the pearls of the Gulf of Orosei, Cala Goloritzé is a jewel-beach listed among the most beautiful coves in Italy. It can be reached by sea or a scenic walk. The theater of rocks that surrounds it and the turquoise color of the sea make it unique. Very popular with diving enthusiasts. Equipment and services are absent to preserve the natural environment.

The Pink Beach on the island of Budelli

It owes its name to the unusual pink coloration of its sand, due to the presence of microscopic fragments of coral and shells. It is located on the uninhabited island of Budelli in the La Maddalena archipelago. To preserve it, access is strictly restricted. It can be admired by hiring a boat or taking part in a guided excursion. A definitely unique panorama!

Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches in Italy: Cala Mariolu

Set among the granite rocks of the Sardinian east coast, near Baunei, Cala Mariolu is a hidden gem reachable only by sea or on foot. The beach is marvelous, formed of pebbles and surrounded by crystal clear waters with emerald reflections. The sloping seabed makes it perfect for those who want to take a dip in total relaxation. A small kiosk is present but services are scarce.

Cala Luna

Located along the central-eastern coast in the Gulf of Orosei, Cala Luna is one of the best-known and most popular destinations. The beach of white pebbles and sand is set between high cliffs and surrounded by a sea of a thousand shades. It is an ideal base for excursions to the picturesque coves nearby. It offers some services such as sunbed rental, kiosk and camping. Beware of strong currents during the winter months.

Porto Giunco Beach

Located in the municipality of Villasimius, in the south of the island, Porto Giunco beach is an expanse of fine white sand that slopes gently into the turquoise sea. Among the best-equipped beaches, it offers a myriad of services such as bathing establishments, campsites, restaurants, and water sports centers. Perfect destination for families. Nearby is the protected wetland of Notteri.

Is Arutas Beach

Near Oristano, Is Arutas is famous for its unique “grains of rice,” small grains of quartz polished by the sea that make the beach unique. The water slopes slowly making it suitable for children. It offers a campground and a few dining options. It is very wide so even in August it is not overcrowded. A short distance away, the Mistras Lagoon is a protected natural area.

Porto Istana Beach

Located near Olbia in northeastern Sardinia, Porto Istana is a bay that encloses two beaches: the wilder Muraki beach and the wider Porto Istana beach, equipped with facilities. The sea slopes gently and is perfect for families. It offers establishments, campsites, hotels and restaurants. Excellent conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

La Cinta

Among the most beautiful and wide beaches in Sardinia, La Cinta is located in San Teodoro, in the province of Nuoro. 5 km of coastline with the finest sand lapped by clear, shallow waters. The northern stretch is wilder, while the southern part offers various services such as umbrella rental, kiosks, and campsites. Perfect for long walks and admiring unforgettable sunsets.

Cala Brandinchi Sardinia

On the east coast, near San Teodoro, Cala Brandinchi is one of the most renowned beaches in Sardinia. Also known as Tahiti because of the color of its waters, it is very wide with very fine white sand. The sea slopes very gently making it suitable for children as well. It is equipped with all services for a comfortable vacation: bathing establishments, campsites, refreshment stands, and toilets.

Cala Coticcio Sardinia

Set into the rock, Cala Coticcio is a piece of paradise on the northeastern coast near Caprera. It can be reached by a scenic walk or by sea. The beach is small and intimate, with pink sand, surrounded by rocks and emerald waters. To preserve the natural environment, there are no services or establishments. One must bring the necessary equipment to spend the day.

Su Giudeu Beach

On the southwest coast, near Chia, Su Giudeu beach is a long stretch of fine white sand lapped by turquoise waters. The shallow water makes it suitable for families with children. It is equipped with all kinds of services: umbrella and sunbed rentals, bars, restaurants, and campsites. It also offers activities such as windsurfing, canoeing and diving.

Cala Goloritzé

In the Gulf of Orosei, Cala Goloritzé is one of the pearls of the east coast. It can be reached by sea or by scenic path. It offers a pebble beach set among rocks, with turquoise and emerald green waters. To preserve the natural environment, there are no services or bathing establishments. You need to bring everything you need to spend the day in this corner of paradise.

Maddalena Beach

Located on the island of Caprera, the Spiaggia della Maddalena is a tongue of the whitest sand overlooking intensely colored transparent waters. It owes its name to the fortress of the same name that stands not far away. The beach is not equipped with services, can be reached by sea or by path and is perfect for lovers of unspoiled nature and excursions.

The Bottom Line

In this content we discovered Sardinia’s 14 most beautiful beaches in Italy The beaches presented in this ranking confirm that Sardinia is an ideal destination for lovers of crystal clear sea and breathtaking views. Each cove seems to hold a corner of paradise, thanks to the transparent waters and the very fine sands in which they are set. The variety of scenery, from long stretches of white sand to granite rocks shaped by the wind, allows you to choose the ideal beach for your needs. Sardinia remains one of the most popular beach destinations in the Mediterranean.

Sardinian beaches, described in this ranking are the ideal destination for those looking for places where nature is the undisputed protagonist. Here it is possible to bathe in crystal-clear waters and relax on picture-postcard beaches, admiring evocative sunsets. Each beach has unique characteristics and is perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape. Sardinia surprises with the beauty of its still unspoiled coastlines, treasure troves of wonders all waiting to be discovered.

Sardinia boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, as demonstrated by the locations presented in this ranking. Visiting the island means immersing yourself in unique scenery, where transparent waters lap long stretches of the finest sand or sheltered coves among the rocks. Each Sardinian beach is a pearl to be discovered, ideal for a vacation dedicated to unspoiled nature and unforgettable views. Keep following us for more travel guides and to discover everything about new trends and the LCN App.

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