10 reasons why soccer is the best sport

by Marzia Parmigiani
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why soccer is the best sport

Soccer, also known as football in most parts of the world, has a long and diverse history. According to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), over 240 million individuals play this sport globally. But why soccer is the best sport?

Historical records suggest that soccer’s roots can be traced back over 2000 years ago to ancient civilizations in China, Greece, and Rome, who crafted their ball using animal hides filled with rocks or hair. In fact, some historians propose that early Mesoamerican societies may have engaged in a comparable pastime.

But why soccer is the favourite sport in the world?

Soccer or football – as it’s known everywhere in the world except the US – has billions of fans.

In fact, 4 billion individuals watched the latest World Cup in Russia 2018, which is over half of the world’s population (which is nearly 8 billion people).

So, what is it about soccer that makes it the most renowned sport across the globe?

There are many factors that come into play, but certainly the most significant one, is soccer’s decentralization, as it is played all over the world rather than just in one particular region.

Other factors, such as its affordability and simplicity, also contribute greatly to its popularity.

“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet”.


Why soccer is the best sport? Why soccer is so well-liked?

It’s remarkable how individuals globally embrace the game of football, treating it almost as if it were a religion. Football is the sole sport on the planet that has the power to immobilize entire cities and countries for a single match.

The soccer we recognize today emerged in 19th century England. From England, soccer rapidly spread to Europe and eventually made its way across the Atlantic.

In 1863, the initial football association was established in England. Regulations were put in place, although they were subject to alterations, and the dimensions and weight of the match-ball were standardized. The crucial decision was to ban carrying the ball with hands, which eventually led to the divergence of association football (soccer) and rugby.

Throughout the 1900s, football underwent a rapid transformation, accelerated by industrialization. Work-based clubs such as factory teams emerged, and school teams became less prevalent. The top performers were offered financial rewards, and tickets were sold to the public – predominantly working-class individuals – for matches.

 Why soccer is the best sport? Why soccer is so popular

As you may have understood, soccer, the beautiful game, has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. It is a game that unites people from different cultures, races, and religions.

Here are 10 reasons why soccer is the best sport:

  • Passion: Soccer is more than just a sport. It is a passion that runs deep in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. The love for the game is passed down from generation to generation, creating a bond that goes beyond borders.
  • Simplicity: Soccer is a simple game that can be played anywhere. All you need is a ball, a flat surface, and a few friends. The simplicity of the game has made it accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. In other words, soccer can be played in any open area. Being an outdoor sport gives soccer a significant advantage over other sports. Moreover, soccer is one of the rare sports that can be played both indoors and outdoors, allowing for the game to be played practically anywhere. In sports like basketball, baseball, or football, an individual who has never witnessed the game before would find it challenging to comprehend the scoring system. They would struggle to comprehend why a touchdown equates to 6 points, why specific basketball shots earn 2 points while others earn 3. They would also find it difficult to understand the proper way to run the bases, or the meaning of terms like “inning” and “out”.On the other hand, the fundamentals of soccer are straightforward: In 90 minutes, you aim to score as many goals as possible into the opposing team’s net without using your hands. The concept is uncomplicated, with one point awarded for each goal, and the team with the most goals emerging victorious. Even a three-year-old child can understand this. A newcomer to soccer can quickly begin playing and learn more complex rules such as offsides, corners, penalties, yellow or red cards as they progress. When compared to American football, for instance, soccer is distinct. In football, the coach guides every play that the team makes, and the players must follow their coach’s every instruction. In soccer, players must adhere to the coach’s direction as well, but if the team’s tactics aren’t effective, a single player can change the game’s course with an individual play.
  • Drama: Soccer is full of drama and excitement. From last-minute goals to penalty shootouts, the game is full of unpredictable moments that keep fans on the edge of their seats.
  • Skill: Soccer is a game that requires a high level of skill and technique. Players must possess the skills of ball control, accurate passing, and precise shooting. Watching skilled players perform their craft is a thing of beauty.
  • Global Appeal: Soccer is a game that is loved and played in every corner of the world. It is a truly global sport that transcends cultural boundaries.
  • Rivalries: Soccer is full of intense rivalries between teams and fans. The passion and intensity that these rivalries generate, make the game even more exciting. The fervor for soccer in the world is indescribable. While it may not be as intense in the US, in other nations, soccer is taken to heart. The city splits into two rival teams, and at times, riots occur due to the game’s outcome. Such is the nature of soccer’s competitiveness. Soccer has everything that makes it a highly competitive sport – running, aggression, high-octane atmosphere during games, quick development, and the pressure of time. As more people participate in it, the competition grows fiercer. This competition is what attracts people to play and watch the game, with countless World Cup and Champions League matches being incredibly tense, with teams doing whatever it takes to win, making for an exhilarating viewing experience.
  • Teamwork: Soccer is a team sport that requires players to work together to achieve a common goal. The teamwork involved in soccer is a lesson that can be applied in all areas of life.
  • Tradition: As you read, soccer has a rich history and tradition that has been passed down for generations. The sport has been played for over a century and has evolved into the global phenomenon that it is today.
  • Accessibility: Soccer is a game that is accessible to everyone. Unlike other sports that require expensive equipment or facilities, all you need to play soccer is a ball and a place to kick it. Soccer’s affordability is a significant factor in its popularity. The game can be played without breaking the bank, and sometimes, you don’t even require a soccer ball. Many kids use to improvise with whatever at hand, like a soda can or a plastic juice bottle, and even a tetra-pack made a suitable substitute for a soccer ball. If you prefer playing with an official soccer ball, you can easily purchase a durable one at an affordable price of around 10 dollars. When it comes to soccer equipment, all you truly need are a pair of soccer cleats and shin guards. The team generally supplies uniforms and soccer balls. You can choose from a range of gear, varying in price from inexpensive to high-end.
  • Community: Soccer brings people together and creates a sense of community. From local clubs to national teams, the sport has the power to unite people from all walks of life.

Why soccer is the best sport? Why soccer is not popular in USA?

Why isn’t soccer as popular in the United States as it is in the rest of the world?

One reason is that Americans tend to gravitate towards sports in which they excel, such as baseball, basketball, and American football. As soccer is not traditionally one of their strongest sports, it may not hold the same level of appeal.

Another factor is the perceived lack of high scores in soccer compared to other American sports. While a soccer match may end with a score of 2-0, basketball games can have scores in the hundreds, which may be more attractive to American audiences.

Additionally, TV networks may find it more challenging to advertise during soccer matches, as there are fewer breaks in play compared to American football, basketball, or baseball games.

The Bottom Line

Soccer is the world’s favorite sport due to its simplicity, accessibility, and ability to unite people from different cultures and backgrounds, making it a truly global phenomenon. Numerous factors contribute to football retaining its status as the most widely adored sport worldwide. These include the illustrious and awe-inspiring arenas, player transfers, coaches’ susceptibility, continental and international tournaments, and, most importantly, the ardent supporters who live and breathe the sport. Keep following us for more news and to discover all about LCN App.

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